What is Selection Criteria?

Running a venture is a collective effort. No matter how smart you’re, you need a team for different departments of your organisation. Your employees pave the path for your company’s progress. However, choosing the right talent is the name of the game. If you lag here, your company won’t progress as expected. This is where selection criteria step in to help out. What is selection criteria?



Selection criteria explained



They’re the skills, abilities, knowledge, and personal attributes required to perform a given job. They present a standard framework for evaluating potential candidates, thus ensuring you select the most qualified personnel for your company.


Many people confuse selection criteria with must-have qualifications. While having a degree or being certified in a particular field is essential, it’s just a small aspect of selection criteria. Proof that the candidate uses various instructional approaches for solving a given problem can be an example of selection criteria.



Selection criteria stand paramount from legal perspectives too. When you set the criteria for selection, you ensure that your hiring principles are in accordance with set human rights legislation. In other words, you don’t discriminate against candidates on caste, race, and religion. On the contrary, you differentiate candidates based on their abilities and knowledge as per selection standards.



Selection criteria also boost the company’s credibility. Potential talent perceives your company as an equal opportunity employer. So, qualified people are likely to join your organisation due to your pre-defined selection standards.



Bottom line



Many business owners don’t know –Look for What is selection criteria? This point holds in the case of small and newbie businesses. They just hire people based on must-have qualifications and recommendations from their close contacts. Sadly, they don’t get the best talent for the venture. It’s essential to define selection criteria to hire the right personnel to scale your venture even in a competitive environment.