Mens Signet Ring At Zamel’s


It’s a tradition: when a man reaches the age of 21, he buys himself a men’s signet ring. And it’s not just any signet ring; it’s a special piece of jewellery, a unique piece of history. Jewellers and antique dealers seek out rare, valuable signet rings because, sadly, many are no longer manufactured. Men’s signet rings date back to ancient Roman times when men’s family members would engrave signet rings with their seals. The rings symbolized authority and were usually engraved with a man’s name, his title (e.g., “tax collector,” or “mayor”), and the date.

A signet ring is a circular ring with an impression of the maker’s seal or coat of arms. They are popular among men, and Zamel’s carries a collection of fine rings for men in the 14 karat gold or platinum bands. However, if you would prefer a ring with an engraving on the inside of the band, such as “Best Dad in the World” or “Happy 11th Anniversary,” Zamel’s can engrave the inside of the ring at no extra charge.

Mens Signet

The signet ring was originally used to secure letters, documents, and seals to wax, leather, or other materials. Mens signet ring at Zamel’s are rarely used for their original purpose today, but they are still popular as jewellery. Up until the late 1700s, signet rings were commonly made out of silver or gold. But, like many art forms, eventually, people started to change things around them. The idea of using the ring to make an impression on metal—and later, paper—spread across Europe and eventually to America.

Buying the right signet ring isn t just about finding one you like most. Silver and gold rings are t the only metals available. How about green, red or blue? Looking for something with a personal touch? Look for a men’s signet ring with monogramming. With men’s signet rings, you get to choose from a wide variety of styles and metals to find one that suits your personality and style.